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             Hello!  I'm Jonathan, owner of Four Springs Landscape and Garden, LLC. 

               Four Springs is owned and operated entirely within Connecticut and we work

               in Litchfield County.  Emphasizing quality work done in consideration of the immediate and wider environment, Four Springs excels in balancing client objectives and design with site and budget requirements.  From planting a few containers to a full landscape design and installation, the goal is to create a pleasant, functional garden space. 

I was fortunate to spend my formative years exploring the dappled shade of New England's fern and forb - filled fens and forests.  Trained in technical theater with an MFA from the University of Connecticut, I learned how art and craft inform each other in design and production.  The language of form, color, texture, scale and proportion translates with great facility to the human imprint on landscapes, with which I began working in earnest in 2010.  In addition to being a 2013 UConn Master Gardener, I also hold Horticulture and Design Certificates from the highly respected Berkshire Botanical Garden educational program.  I'm grateful for the opportunities, experiences, and relationships gained from work in several local nurseries and landscaping outfits before starting Four Springs in 2016. 


In my spare time, I am an avid volunteer, a good baker, and occasionally I work in my own yard.  Thanks for your time and consideration, and we hope to be able to assist you!



Service and Services

Four Springs Landscape and Garden, LLC is wholly owned and operated in Connecticut.  As such, we are intimately familiar with the local landscape and have a vested interest in our plant and person communities. 

Upon contacting us, I'll will speak with you to get a sense of what you wish to accomplish.  

An initial on-site consultation regarding the scope of work intended, with follow-up notes and cost estimates, is free of charge.  This typically takes an hour.

Garden Design


Seasonal Maintenance

Spring and Fall Cleanup


Container Gardening


Tree and Shrub Planting, Pruning, and Protection

Nuisance Wildlife Control

One-off projects

Regular Maintenance

Landscape Programs



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